Theatre Works: A Guide to Working in the Theatre (Royal National Theatre/ Theatre Museum)

Bouquet with Flying Lovers: Celebrating a Life – Keith Rubidge (1945 – 2002) with Jan Rubidge (Galley Cat Press/ MS Society )



Eve and Eric Cohen: Radiant Illusion? Middle-class recruits to Communism in the 1930s (Eve Editions)

John Lennon is dead; in memoriam: Death of a Mother: Daughters’ Stories (Pandora Press)

Out of Focus: Images of Women in the Media (Women’s Press)


Lithuania, Place of Rain (Jewish Renaissance lead feature) 


Solo Avanti: Umbria



Karl Marx was a Scouser (Jewish Quarterly lead feature)

The Fish and Chip Boat: Celebrating Liverpool and Culture (Orbis Magazine)

The Stretch (work in progress)  


in The Dybuk of Delight: an anthology of Jewish Women’s Poetry (ed. Sonja Lyndon & Sylvia Paskin), Poetic WorkersPoetry RebornEternal Words


for Jewish Mothers and Daughters: a personal history of the 20th century through 50 Jewish women’s lives (produced by Pascal Theatre Company)