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Gone for a Burton

Inspired by my grandparents’ hazardous flight on a cattle boat from Russia in 1905 and my grandfather’s bid to run a small time tailoring dynasty in 1950s Liverpool until his luck ran out. A three generational, postwar drama revealing clashes between Zionist and Communist dreams, the impending threat of big business and the lure of rock ‘n’ roll

photos: Ian Bozic

“Absolutely loved your play! So sharp, authentic, laugh out loud funny and terribly moving, to say nothing about the sheer political relevance of where we find ourselves today.”

Roma Gibson, producer, BFI Media

“You have once more drawn a fine picture of personalities and family relations, colourful characters in various states of conflict and wonder with the world. Packed with issues of the times and timeless ones, temperament, hope and exasperation. I loved its descriptions of a myriad of interweaving expectations of justice, values and disappointments. Undoubtedly a success as a definition and description of human history.”

Guy Francois Groen: theatre director

“I can’t tell you how impressed I was by the quality of your writing. You’ve got a strong story, distinct characters, powerful conflicts, moments of deep emotion, a lot of laughs. I think the play captures a period of time in British history through a very particular Jewish lens. It reminds me of my own family with Irish Catholic connections, with some of the same political conflicts and generational conflicts being played out and I think others would see contemporary resonances – with British Asian families, for example.”

Joe Treasure: writer

rehearsed readings:

Theatre Royal, Stratford East

The Park Theatre for The Script Readers

JW3, directed by Jake Murray with David Fielder as Label and Hywel Morgan as Jack

Jewish Views interview with Jake Murray:                                         


Sympathetic Magic:


Madame Contessa Tatiana Semyaronovitch Fanfulla, former prima ballerina with the Kirov, now a busker on the streets of Paris, presents her dance cabaret reliving her glory days partnering Nijinsky at the Mariinsky Theatre, St Petersburg, (Kings Head).


Oy vey, Fung shway



site-specific entertainment

Does it come with Ketchup?

Rosemary Branch 2009

Giulietta’s Feast/ My Federico

Relationship between Federico Fellini and his wife/muse Giulietta Masina
Arts Council Commission Award 2000

2019: immersive theatre performance of new version in a kitchen in Sidcup with Ben Bazell (Rocky in Rocky Horror Show, Pip Simmons Theatre Group, English Shakespeare Gp, Off the Page) as Fellini & me as Giulietta

2009: Stratford East & Rosemary Branch, with Jane Lapotaire as Giulietta


Toot, Toot TV: comedy drama: Ship of Fools, 2008

The Unbroken Line

on the gentrification of Broadway Market and ousting of Tony’s popular pizza caff:
Theatre Royal, Stratford East & Rosemary Branch 2008, directed by Nora Connolly

Radio plays

  • Key to Return set in Palestine/Israel (work in progress)
  • Criminal: work in progress comedy drama
  • That’s Up to You, Comrade: Jewish Book Week/Hackney Libraries
  • The Deeper Well set in the former GDR: LBC Drama Festival
  • Let’s Move: two series of play scripts for BBC Schools Radio
  • Pen to Paper: sketches for BBC Radio 4, directed by Alfred Bradley


    • Picnic in Gaza: PVK Pictures