The Tino Orsini Show

A few years ago, I played Amalia, a careworn Italian housewife manically stirring a pasta sauce whilst her husband stripped down to vest and braces to step into a tin bath of hot water after a hard day at the factory. In the background, as the pasta sauce started flying and the husband began peddling his exercise bike, the blaring spectre of Mussolini ranted from the only other piece of furniture in the kitchen: the black and white television dominating the exhausted couple. As Mussolini exploded onto the screen, so did husband and wife, their frenetic movements careering to a chaotic and dizzy finale.

For this short film directed by Joshua Sawley titled GENOVA 1960, `about a dysfunctional Italian family living at the heart of 1960’s youth revolt’,┬áthe expiring husband was played by an Italian actor called Tino Orsini.

Parallel to his ever expanding acting career, Tino has created the Tino Orsini show, conducting weekly podcast interviews for which I was number 88. Janet Suzman was number 54. Here’s mine, just out: